The Maternal Waters

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On a recent Saturday morning before Maternal Dance class, one of my clients (*Alice), due around this time, thought her water broke. She didn’t have the gush of water I had experienced with my two pregnancies, but rather a slow and steady leak. For other women the maternal waters don’t break until they are well into labor, while others have their water broken with help from their healthcare practitioner. 14 hours later, *Alice was the proud new mom of a beautiful baby girl. We both agreed that the pelvic rocks and hip swaying movements in class helped with a fairly quick and easy labor and delivery. According to ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) guidelines, you should not exercise if you experience pre-term rupture of membranes, or amniotic sac, and leaking of amniotic fluid. The amniotic sac is a sort of shock absorber and temperature regulator, protecting the growing fetus in an optimal environment for growth. So how do you know if you’re overdoing it in your prenatal exercise routine? After your doctor/midwife gives you their approval, listen to your body and your maternal instincts, and keep in mind… Your core temperature is raised slightly due to pregnancy, and should not rise above 101*F. (38*C.).  Avoid exercising in very hot and humid environments because you don’t want to overheat. Remember, you can take a drink of water, along with perspiring and breathing, to cool down. The water temperature of the amniotic fluid cannot cool down as quickly. Do drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and replenish lost fluid due to exercising, and don’t sweat the workout. Still looking to try a prenatal exercise program to suit your needs? Maternal Dance is specifically designed and supervised in a way that is appropriate for pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy and fitness level, to safely and effectively exercise to enjoy your pregnancy and prepare for labor. Can’t make it to class? Try The Prenatal Belly Dance Workout DVD. It is an excellent alternative for a fun way to stay fit, and feel fabulous during your pregnancy. It complements other prenatal exercise programs and is modeled after the Maternal Dance class with the same, safe benefits – enjoy! *Name has been changed for privacy What moves you?