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Bring transformative dance to your school today!

The mission of Rhythm For Life™ is to help young girls connect with their bodies and their feelings, while accessing their creativity for self-discovery.

“Teenage girls are navigating a new terrain where #MeToo and #GirlPower are relevant and powerful for all of us; they’re learning that they don’t have to be objectified or shamed. By staying connected to their bodies and their feelings in ways that are fun and creative, they are empowered.”

Modeled after the program Ancient Moves for Modern Women, students learn the simple ancient movements that ground them for more confidence and comfort in their own bodies, and find joy in expression as they explore a new movement vocabulary to play with. Common societal inhibitions melt away as they emerge more grounded and connected to themselves and their creative potential, and more prepared to authentically move through the world as the women they are meant to be.

This outreach can be tailored for the specific venue and community, be it staff development or training, group workshops, or performances with talk-backs.

For Booking inquiries please go here, or call 917-907-2025.

What people are saying

Danielle Bobish
Founder/Creative Director, Curtain Up Events, Inc.
“Suzanne is dynamic, professional and engages the entire group in a ton of fun! What a better way to start off your day than with energizing movement and self-confidence building exercises. I can’t wait to use Suzanne for another event soon.”
Jill Aguado
Program Coordinator, University Settlement
“Suzanne’s workshop was great! The participants realized they needed to create more space and time for themselves in their personal lives, and they learned to use effective breathing techniques to de-stress. They were excited to attend another session with her on similar topics/techniques.”