Becoming Aphrodite

“The eternal feminine draws us upward.”

~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

We are introduce to the embodied Goddess, Aphrodite, who shares her empowered dance that is emotionally and sensually charged. Her dance is an invitation for women to claim and embrace their creativity and sexuality for the sake of wholeness and authenticity, for without one the other is diminished, demonstrating that it is here where our strength and power lay.

As we witness her fierce expression of the feminine soul, we are not only spectators of her dance ritual, we are immediately drawn in and touched by the longing for connection to the source of her power that is felt in all its rawness, grace and beauty.


This piece is designed to be adaptable can be performed at museums, art openings, retreats, colleges, conferences, and has even been performed on the beach at a wedding! Performed as both a solo, or a duet which is an excerpt of the show, HERA.

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What people are saying

“Such a beautiful piece about the strength of a woman, the softness of a woman, the power of a woman, the growth of a woman.”
“I loved the undulating movements.”
“I felt one dynamic throughout which was strength/pride – a celebration of self – and in this case – of being female.”