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Embodiment mentor for women, dancer and choreographer, Suzanne Caesar, MA, has an uncanny ability to reconnect women with their bodies, showing them how to move more freely and fully while shifting into their feminine energy, intentions, and empowered purpose.

Angela Jia Kim
Founder, Savor Beauty
“Suzanne led the women at the Women Entrepreneurs Rock the World conference into feeling their intuition, getting grounded, and transforming into sensual goddesses through belly dancing. The women loosened up and got into their zone at this business conference, and it was the perfect way to start the day! Hope to see you again soon, Suzanne. YOU ROCK!!!”
Angelique Rewers
ABC, APR, CEO, The Corporate Agent
“The audience’s reaction to Suzanne was amazing! I’ve attended hundreds of events and planned dozens of my own. One challenge shared by all in the event industry is immediately capturing the undivided attention of the audience, getting them engaged and bolstering the energy level — and that’s exactly what Suzanne did. Best of all, the nature of the movement set the energy in the room while the information that she shared helped to align everyone with the right mindset in order to have the best possible experience and get the most out of the event.”

“Masterful, Memorable, & Magnetizing!”

Whether you engage her for a keynote speech, seminar, or workshop, Suzanne’s educational and interactive events are inspirational and creative — designed to help others shift their energy, ignite their purpose, & transform their results through body movement.

Participants experience mind/body wellness techniques such as breath awareness, guided imagery, and creative movement to restore and reconnect with their individual inner and outer rhythms. Groups are empowered to bond through a shared experience, resulting in renewed energy, resolve and focus.

Suzanne’s Favorite Speaking Topics:

  • Make friends with your body and learn how to ride your own rhythm to the heart of who you really are.
  • Move Your Body, Move Your Business – Get out of your head and into your body, expanding how to interact and create in the business world.
  • Activate Your Creativity and Sexuality – Understanding their connection and why they both are important to be authentically you!
  • Ancient Moves For Modern Women – Learn what our ancestors instinctively knew and how to apply those lessons today for self-discovery, empowerment and transformation.
  • Find your voice and your freedom through movement

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