Ancient Moves for Modern Women

Releasing Pleasure Through Dance

Women have been dancing together since the beginning of time. In fact, we all carry the memory of dance in our bodies as part of the ceremonies, rituals and celebrations we share. These ancient movements — pre-cursers to what we call belly dance today — help you fully inhabit your body and recognize the cycles that guide you.

“The earth revolves, seasons come and go;
similarly, as women, we each experience a personal cycle
— one that helps us return to a state of balance.”

As women in the 21st century, we have developed new tools and skill sets to navigate these modern times. Many of them are not in sync with our true nature. Learn the secrets and healing pleasures of ancient temple dancers…explore the sexual-spiritual practice of ancient rhythms…and transcend to the ritual of dance as meditation and connection to your authentic nature.

Ancient Moves For Modern Women is all about expressing your individuality and finding your voice in the dance. In a supportive, judgement-free zone we can create sacred space and explore guided imagery, move and groove to a mix of ambient, sensual and rhythmic beats…and be inspired!

Experience the freedom in letting your body ride the rhythm of you. Not only will you leave feeling stronger and more connected to your body, you will forge a deeper connection to your sensuality and empowered feminine nature.

  • Learn movements to release blocked energy, especially in areas where we women carry
  • Explore the sensual-spiritual practice of ancient rhythms and transcend to dance as a beautifying daily practice.
  • Embody your feminine nature to heal, restore and connect to “the goddess within.”

What people are saying

Belinda Johnson
Model and Mom
“This was exactly what I was needing and wanted! The class made me realize that I had stopped connections with my sexuality. I was connected with me and my center of my body as a woman. It felt amazing and so different than I had ever known. Thank you Suzanne!”
Gilda Mulero
Natural Food Chef, Founder, Naturally Tasty
“I enjoyed Suzanne’s workshop immensely… it was such a beautiful, elegant and empowering class. Not to be missed!”
Erika Joyce
“I look forward to your next class because they are not just enjoyable but they feed the soul. Both you and your classes are fabulous!”
Paula Jennings
Founder, Adam Evolution
“Suzanne, thank you for sharing your wonderful gift of soulful dance. It was a divinely beautiful experience.”
Janet Cristenfeld
Artist/Energy Healer
“…fun and very freeing. I loved moving in both new and ancient ways! I left with a wonderful high and a great feeling in my body and spirit.”

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