The HERA Odyssey

An original evening-length dance play with a prologue and three acts. It is an individual, as well as a collective, story featuring different dance styles from Ancient Egyptian Sacred Dance, to Folk, Baroque and contemporary, along with music, costumes, graphics and other visual elements to support the narrative. It is a modern-day telling of the heroine’s journey for our time in “herstory.” This work was inspired by years of working with women in their reproductive years and beyond.


This piece is designed to be adaptable and can be performed at theaters and museums, colleges, workshops and events. Each piece, as well as each Act, of the whole work can be performed on its own, depending on the event.

For Booking inquiries please go here, or call 917-907-2025.

**This is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non‐profit arts service organization. Tax deductible donations may be made here:

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