Rhythm Of My Life Right Now

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As I am just coming out of this past month’s whirlwind of both of my kids proms, graduations, recitals and award dinners, the rhythm of my own life is chock full of some very blog-worthy material, but the truth is, I feel out of sync with living these highlights and putting them into words. As I navigate all of these milestones in my kids’ lives, and juggling work and life as a single mother, I admit I have been a bit overwhelmed. Each of us operates to the beat of our own drum, and just like snow flakes, there are no two alike. But as I notice what works and what doesn’t work for me, I can’t help but wonder how other single, working moms operate – especially mompreneurs – while managing a household, making sure our kids eat well, wear clean clothes, participate in social activities, AND keep ourselves feeling good – all while doing it solo? When my son was a baby, a wise mom friend once told me, “just when you think you’ve got their routine worked out, they change it on you.” My life has changed drastically over the past couple of years along with my old way of operating. I am presently tuning into a new way of being as I go through the challenges of developing a new system that supports where I am and where I am going. So as I seek to find a new outer rhythm that resonates with my shifting inner rhythm I ask, how have you found your flow in tending to your work/kids/home/self. This inquiring mom wants to know… What moves you?