Moving Into Spring – Mind, Body, Soul

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The opportunity for rebirth, renewal, and rejuvenation comes with every spring. I walked around a neighborhood park and caught a glimpse of little buds on trees, sprouting of the tulips, and a new burst of energy here in the NYC streets. As I bask in this spring tease, having shed the armor that is the winter coat, I begin to notice how my body responds. Quite organically my body begins to awaken from its winter slumber. It wants to stretch and expand from the contracted posture it held in winter. You know how when it’s frigid outside and you’re all bundled up under layers of material? In protective mode as you walk outside, your body immediately cowers to the winter elements of cold wind, ice and snow. Your shoulders lift a little higher towards the ears, and roll slightly forward to protect your chest as your back rounds a bit. We find ourselves hunched down into our heavy winter gear. Our winter posture sets in without a second thought. Spring is in the air, at least for today, and it got me thinking about how we move into a new season. Without the heaviness of the winter coat, scarf, hat, etc., to protect us, we literally begin to ‘lighten up.’ We consciously throw off all the heavy gear and break out of our shells to soak in the warmth and light of the sun, breathe in fresh air, and unconsciously put a spring in our step. The lightness with which we begin to carry ourselves directly affects us mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We truly feel better. As you head out to catch a bit o’ spring, notice how your body responds to the changes of clothing, weather, in nature and within yourself. We align to the rhythm of the earth’s cycle and have, yet, another opportunity to reconnect to our own rhythm; how we feel, and where we want to go with the possibilities ahead. We have a few more weeks of jump-starting our personal renewal as spring plays hide-n-seek with winter. After having been sick in bed twice this year when I rarely get sick, I, for one, am taking note of how my body is loving the light(ness). And what’s good for the body is food for the soul! What moves you?