Maternal Dance™

Prenatal dance was practiced thousands of years ago in the middle east. Originally called the womb dance, the mother of what we call belly dance today, these were movements women performed with and for each other. They toned the birthing muscles, kept a woman’s body supple and strong and prepared her for the journey of creation and birth. Not only do these ancient movements soothe pain, cramps and tension and release those endorphins that give you that effortless “glow,” they also increase body and breath awareness and are a beautiful way to connect with your baby during your pregnancy, giving you the “birth muscle” for delivery.

I know this because I have danced my way through two pregnancies. My experiences were fluid and empowered and my body bounced back beautifully. I fell so in love with this process that I created Maternal Dance and became certified as a perinatal fitness expert soon after. I set about creating a process that every woman could use to tune in and really listen to the rhythms of her body and created an experience that was relaxed, empowering and fun.

Maternal Dance combines relaxation techniques, delicious stretching, core and pelvic floor strengthening, belly and Latin dance moves, and guided imagery for one hour of maternal mojo. As you move through this process your body will become stronger, even as your belly is growing, the movement of breath easier and more fluid, your hips will open, back pain will disappear and you will really understand what it means to listen to your body in a whole new way.

Many of my students tell me that as they dance their way through each stage of their pregnancy, embracing their ever changing curves, they feel stronger, more confident, more beautiful and dare I say sexier than they ever have before!

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Shake it Hot Mama!!

If you’re unable to dance with me in person, no worries, we can work together right from the privacy of your own home. Check out my shop where I have downloads and dvds that will support you on your journey through this magical time OR let me bring the party to you or your event with my Rhythm To Go sessions here.


For private sessions call 917.907.2025 or click here.


Enjoy a fun prenatal exercise class.

Reduce stress and anxiety.

Prepare your body and build endurance for labor.

Eliminate pregnancy discomforts such as back pain and leg cramps.

Practice core and pelvic floor strengthening and flexibility work appropriate for pregnancy.

Set yourself up to bounce back to your pre-baby body – or better!

WEDNESDAYS *TBD 6:30pm 1 hour 15 min.
SATURDAYS *TBD 10:30am 1 hour 15 min.