Dance Your Way To Birth

There is movement and a rhythm for everything we do; we walk rhythmically, we talk rhythmically, we eat rhythmicaly. There is a rhythm to the baby growing, the body softening. And there is a rhythm for giving birth… Matthew McConaughey on the birth of his first son, Levi: “Contractions have their own rhythm, right, so, we had to find our own rhythm to be a little bit above or on top of the contractions’ rhythm. We had a good groove going.” He adds,”We call it ‘the best dance we’ve ever had.'” And the beat goes on… A former client called me recently to tell me how much Maternal Dance helped her through her first labor 5 years ago. She is pregnant again and wants to dance her way through another pregnancy! I was so excited to hear from her and how my services helped her deliver her first child. This got me thinking about the reasons I began Maternal Dance and the rhythm and growing it took to what it offers now. Maternal Dance was born out of my desire for women to have fun as they safely and effectively exercise to stay fit during pregnancy. In my first pregnancy I was deep into my Master of Arts program in Dance at NYU. I was quite active, to say the least, and after getting through my first trimester and intense morning sickness (yes, I danced through that, too!), I took note of what kept me in shape for labor. During my second pregnancy I trained as a student in the Tupler technique and prenatal yoga, and I found myself back at home swaying my hips to Bob Marley, and it felt good to rock my hips and move in this rhythmic way. The foundation was set. I designed specific free-flowing exercises to support the changing pregnant body, and choreographed movements to provide a creative way to relieve stress for the mom-to-be, crucial for enjoying a healthy pregnancy! It wasn’t long after I began teaching Maternal Dance when my clients were informing me of other benefits they were getting. One Healthy Moms certification in perinatal fitness and prenatal yoga, and 10+ years later, here’s what I want to share with you: Maternal Dance…
  • Reduces stress to enjoy your pregnancy
  • Manages your weight
  • Eases pregnancy discomforts to feel more comfortable and confident in your changing body
Exercising Expectations… Free-flowing exercises in the warm-up help to support and relax your softening body, literally moving any pregnancy discomfort. Appropriate core strengthening and pelvic floor exercises are practiced for postural support, easier breathing in late pregnancy, and to prepare you for delivery. “Maternal Dance is a fabulous way to get in shape during pregnancy. This class combines core strengthening and flexibility work in a way that is appropriate for the pregnant woman. In addition, the exercises prepare women for labor and delivery by helping to loosen the hips and pelvic muscles. This is a class that is fun and perfectly tailored to suit the needs of the pregnant woman.” ~Debra Goodman, MSPT Dancing Mama Moves… The dancing is fun, very grounded and specifically designed for pregnancy. The change in your center of gravity can put you off balance. We safely and effectively practice shifting your weight – improving balance and coordination – with movements to help with the rhythm of birth “This not only promotes increased strength and balance, but it also helps reduce pregnancy discomfort and prepares your body for labor and delivery.”~ Pilates Style Magazine Baby Growing Mama Glowing…. “Feel good” endorphins are released when we exercise. The fun factor reduces stress and increases well-being and feeling good. “Maternal Dance builds good health and high spirits. I can heartily recommend it.” ~Kiki Schaffer, Parenting & Family Center, 14th St. Y Go From Mom-To-Be to Hot Mama… Caution: dancing while pregnant will keep you strong and may even make you feel…sexy! “This class has meant the world to me. I am in my ninth month and I feel and look great, which is mainly due to Maternal Dance. The dance part of the class also reminds you that you are beautiful and sexy, which for me has been really important. Suzanne is a compassionate and wonderful teacher who has been a very important guide and support through my pregnancy. Her class is a gift.” ~ Elizabeth Marvel, Actress You are a VIPP (Very Important Pregnant Person)! Come, get in touch with your changing body, commune with other women who are going through the same life stage. Enjoy your pregnancy as you prepare your body for birth, and leave class feeling energized and refreshed! “The repetitive, hipcentric, swinging moves make me feel good in my own body.” ~Self Magazine
  • Discover a fun way to prepare for labor as you increase body-awareness, maintain flexibility, and build strength and endurance for labor.
  • Leave class feeling relaxed and refreshed, feeling comfortable in your pregnant body.
  • Set yourself up for an easier recovery postpartum!
Try Maternal Dance today and sign up here! More of what people are saying: “The stretching is delicious. I leave the class having forgotten all my pregnancy aches and pains and feeling positive about my changing pregnant body.” ~Janet B. (9 months) “I loved this class! Thank you for making this great time in my life more fun!” ~Lisa G. (4 months) “Maternal Dance should be mandatory during pregnancy.” ~Laura C. (6 months) What moves you?