Ancient Moves For Modern Women old

Ancient Moves for Modern Women

More than a dance workshop, it’s a bliss inducing journey back to self. Built on ancient dance moves, we are going back to where it all began. As women in the 21st century we have developed new tools and skill sets to navigate these modern times. Many of them are not in sync with our true nature. By tapping into and waking up this authentic experience of self that lives in the deepest parts of all of us, we will connect with our true seat of power, break through blocks, release stagnant energy and explore the Goddess within.

Ancient Moves is all about expressing your individuality and finding your voice in the dance. It’s never one size fits all. In a supportive, judgement free zone we create sacred space, explore guided imagery, elongate our bodies, share, meditate, dance, move and groove to a mix of ambient, sensual, rhythmic and soaring beats.

Not only will you leave feeling stronger and more connected to your body, you will forge a deeper connection to the sensuality and power in your feminine nature. Belly dance is the love child of all the moves we will be learning. Experience the freedom in letting your body ride the rhythm of you.

Get your juices flowing and set your mojo on fire!


Learn movements to release blocked energy, especially in the areas where we women carry.

Embody your feminine nature practicing movements inherent to women’s bodies to heal,
restore and connect to “the goddess within.”

Explore the sensual-spiritual practice of ancient rhythms and transcend to dance as a daily practice and meditation.


Keystone Studio, 252 W. 30th Street, #4B

For private sessions call 917.907.2025 or click here.

SATURDAY 1/17 2:00 3 hours