“This class has meant the world to me. I am in my ninth month and I feel and look great, which is mainly due to Maternal Dance. The dance part of the class also reminds you that you are beautiful and sexy, which for me has been really important. Suzanne is a compassionate and wonderful teacher who has been a very important guide and support through my pregnancy. Her class is a gift.”
– Elizabeth Marvel, Actress
“Suzanne has created a fantastic program that we highly recommend to the expectant moms we work with.”
– Laura Saba, Founder, Momdoulary
“Your class will always have a special place in my heart because it was part of my labor! I truly believe that being in your class the morning of Ava’s birth helped move the process along and made my whole labor and delivery much easier!”
– Allison Jagtiani, Founder/CEO, Goji Gourmet
“Maternal Dance builds good health and high spirits. I can heartily recommend it.”
– Kiki Schaffer, Director, Parenting & Family Center, 14th St. YMCA
“Maternal Dance is a fabulous way to get in shape during pregnancy. This class combines core strengthening and flexibility work in a way that is appropriate for the pregnant woman. In addition, the exercises prepare women for labor and delivery by helping to loosen the hips and pelvic muscles. This is a class that is fun and perfectly tailored to suit the needs of the pregnant woman.”
– Debra Goodman, MSPT


“Absolutely wonderful! This will be the first DVD I will recommend.”
– Ahva Halma, RN, Belly Dance for Pregnant Moms
“This belly dancing routine not only promotes increased strength and balance, but it also helps reduce pregnancy discomfort and prepares your body for labor and delivery.”
– Pilates Style Magazine
“Suzanne is amazing, inspirational and best all FUN! Her dance video is a video I recommend to all my pregnant clients. I totally recommend Suzanne’s class for all you pregnant ladies out there.”
– Yvette Rose, CEO/Founder, Joulebody
“This is a great video! It works up slowly from breathing exercises into cardio. The salsa fusion is really fun, and the workout is challenging enough that I partnered up with my best friend who is not pregnant! She even touches on Kegel exercises at the end, which is helpful.”
– Savanah, on Amazon


“The audience’s reaction to Suzanne was amazing! She’s brilliant at what she does and a joy to work with. She’s the perfect fit for any event organizer that is looking to not only make a powerful first impression with the audience – but also create an impression that lasts long after the event is over.”
– Angelique Rewers, ABC, APR | CEO – The Corporate Agent
“Suzanne led the women at the Women Entrepreneurs Rock the World conference into feeling their intuition, getting grounded, and transforming into sensual goddesses through belly dancing. The women loosened up and got into their zone at this business conference, and it was the perfect way to start the day! Hope to see you again, Suzanne. YOU ROCK!!!”
– Angela Jia Kim, Founder, Om Aroma & Co. | Co-Founder, Savor the Success
“Suzanne’s workshop was great! The participants realized they needed to create more space and time for themselves in their personal lives, and they learned to use effective breathing techniques to de-stress. They were excited to attend another session with her on similar topics/techniques.”
– Jill Aguado, Program Coordinator, University Settlement
“Suzanne is dynamic, professional and engages the entire group in a ton of fun! What a better way to start off your day than with energizing movement and self-confidence building exercises. I can’t wait to use Suzanne for another event soon.”
– Danielle Bobish, Founder/Creative Director, Curtain Up Events, Inc.


“I look forward to your next class because they are not just enjoyable but they feed the soul. Both you and your classes are fabulous!”
– Erika Joyce, Poet
“This was exactly what I was needing and wanted! The class made me realize that I had stopped connections with my sexuality. I was connected with me and my center of my body as a woman. It felt amazing and so different than I had ever known. Thank you Suzanne!”
– Belinda Johnson, Model/Mom
“…fun and very freeing. I loved moving in both new and ancient ways! I left with a wonderful high and a great feeling in my body and spirit.”
– Janet Cristenfeld, Artist/Energy Healer
“I enjoyed Suzanne’s workshop immensely… it was such a beautiful, elegant and empowering class. Not to be missed!”
– Gilda Mulero, Natural Food Chef, Founder, Naturally Tasty


“This is the perfect gift for expecting mothers, or a really nice thing to do for yourself if you’re pregnant. I’m 8 months pregnant and wish I had found this sooner. This is the first time I actually felt better and had more energy and less tension afterwards.”
– Britt, 8 months

“With your teachings during our weekly private sessions I had a wonderful experience being pregnant and delivering Jake. Having you as my pregnancy guru, coach, mentor and positive guiding light in my life truly made my 9 months and delivery day less stressful and kept my body and soul feeling awesome.”

– Reina Valdez, Model