“Dance is the way I express myself, my form of prayer,
my form of exercise; a release and a retreat. When I dance I am free.
It is my joy and my life. It has been a physical, emotional and spiritual guide, and I am moved to share the dance as a vehicle for self-expression, good health and healing.”


is a choreographer, speaker, certified perinatal fitness expert and founder of Rhythm For Life. Through her classes, workshops, training programs, videos and speaking engagements, Suzanne has taught thousands of women and expectant mothers to embrace their inner dancer, and to get in touch with the feminine principles of flexibility and empowerment that can help guide them through life.

A Love Affair With Dance

An accomplished dancer, Suzanne has been studying and performing since she was a child. Buy age 13, she was a champion Irish dancer, and went on to study virtually every style of dance including tap, ballet, jazz, African, Latin, Ballroom, modern and belly dance. Suzanne has performed at such venues as Dance Theatre Workshop, the Dia Art Foundation, Sony Plaza and the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. After touring abroad, Suzanne returned to NYC and received her MA in Dance from New York University, as well as a performing arts license from the NYC Board of Education.

As an independent choreographer, Suzanne has worked with people of all ages and experience levels, from teen Broadway performers to mambo king, Richard Diaz, as well as performing with Stephen Koplowitz & Company. One of her proudest achievements was receiving a personal referral from jazz dance legend, Luigi.

Dance Imitates Life

After dancing her way through two pregnancies, Suzanne integrated her experience, along with her studies in guided imagery and homeopathy, and launched her first company, Maternal Dance™, bringing prenatal dance programs, classes and multi-media instruction to expectant mothers.

Now also a certified perinatal fitness expert and prenatal yoga teacher, Suzanne launched Rhythm For Life™ after producing The Prenatal Belly Dance Workout DVD, endorsed by the March of Dimes, and featured at the 2010 International Childbirth Educators/Lamaze joint conference. Considered an innovator in dance and maternal fitness, her programs have been featured on major news outlets such as the Discovery Health Channel, NY1 News,, Self and Pilates Style Magazines, The Bump and more.

Today, Suzanne continues to choreograph for special events and is considered an expert in the Maternal Dance movement. She is a frequent guest lecturer and speaker at international and corporate events, seminars and retreats, and is currently choreographing and producing a show about women’s empowerment and transformation. Suzanne lives in NYC with her two children and Silky Terrier.

And That Includes Pregnant Women!

With a Masters in Dance and Dance Education, and as a Certified Perinatal Fitness Specialist and Prenatal Yoga Instructor, Suzanne has focused a lifelong passion for dance into the first fitness movement specifically designed for mothers-to-be: Maternal Dance™. The Prenatal Belly Dance Workout DVD helps new and expectant moms celebrate pregnancy while feeling strong and sexy, ease their way to and through labor, and bounce back faster to their pre-baby bodies—or better!

“As her baby grows, a pregnant woman goes through many changes physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually. Celebrating these changes is a beautiful experience. This is the essence of Maternal Dance™.”